Recommend a Wood Stove for Yurt in Vermont

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Oct 27, 2020
Greetings everyone!

After our first winter in a Northern Vermont yurt we are getting better prepared for winter #2. I even built 3 woodsheds this summer to cover 5 cords! We are considering an upgrade to our old, leaky, in-need-of-rebuild Vermont Castings Intrepid 1 and would love your advice on a new stove. I've read other yurt threads on the forum, but of course every yurt/climate is different. Here are our details:

  • Climate: Cold Northern Vermont winters
  • Structure: 20' yurt with 5' side walls (300 SF)
  • Insulation : Minimal (foiled bubble wrap)
  • Chimney: Sraight up about 11 feet (8 internal, 3 external), so the stove needs to be ok with short chimney
  • Priorities: Safety, burn time, budget
I'm a teacher and hoping for a stove that I won't need to reload quite as often on school nights as the intrepid (every 2-3 hours ). In other threads I've seen the Drolet stoves recommend, as well as the True North TN20. I've also seen lightweight stoves like those from Northwoods Manufacturing and Four Dog Stoves being used in other yurts. Budget is definitely a concern, I think the TN20 is right at the top of the budget at $1600 US, with the Drolets at about $1000 and the lighter stoves about $500.

Thank you all for any advice and recommendations!

Recommend a Wood Stove for Yurt in Vermont
You are looking in the right direction. A yurt is hard to heat when the temperature outside is in the low numbers unless it has supplemental insulation. Go oversized for longer burn time. The TN20 or the Drolet Escape 1800 are worth considering.