Recommendation for wood-burning insert for large home with high ceilings and wall of windows

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Chimney sweep
Staff member
Jan 14, 2014
central pa
Buck Stove also makes an insert, the model 91, that has a 4.4 cubic foot firebox and a blower. I would look into something like that.
One of the biggest size wise yes. But not really BTU wise


Feeling the Heat
Jan 21, 2019
Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but that’s a lot of space (very beautiful space); I’d second I think most stoves would fall short in the application. I’d look at a larger stove (high btu large cubic foot size boxes), and would strongly consider working a free standing stove vs an insert into the equation. Second, and likely my only real contribution, is I’m also highly suspect of the moisture content of your wood. Unless I misunderstood, you mentioned “logs” implying it’s not split, and if that’s the case I’d be very surprised to see your oak at < 20% in 2 years, I’d even be a bit surprised if the cherry was. I’m in Nevada and I doubt I could get oak seasoned in log form without a solar kiln. My 2 cents is start there. Do yourself a favor, bring in a couple pieces of the oak, get them to room temp split them and check.


Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
All sounds good to me...Don't know much here but I came across this advertisement and I wonder about something like this to save on the propane gas money and using wood...I imagine these type of things are expensive but check it out anyway and if your already have a number of stoves this might make it easier for you--don't really know but "my yes,,such a beautiful view"...old mrs clancey