(recommendations for) Chimney repair in Northern Virginia

pmancoll Posted By pmancoll, Sep 8, 2008 at 10:59 PM

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    Does anyone know of a chimney / masonry person that you would recommend for someone in the DC suburbs of Virginia?

    I've looked through Angie's list, and there are so many companies and reports, but the people writing the reviews don't know about this stuff like a lot of posters on these forums do.

    Details / Background:
    My brick chimney is in trouble - for a few months, it has been leaking water during heavy rains such that it spills out from the fireplace, which is in the basement, and it gets some of the surrounding floor wet. I know now to put a bucket in the fireplace when it rains.

    Before the leaking, I had been thinking about putting off the repairs until I got a fireplace insert and had it installed, but it looks now like I should really get the chimney fixed first.

    The chimney goes about 20-25 feet above ground plus maybe 4 -5 feet underground to the top of the fireplace in the basement. I've been told I could use a flexible cap for the top, but the real problem seems to be the steps on the side of the chimney that look real wet and a growing moss. I probably need both areas fixed -- unless the chimney is just doomed
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