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    I have a Vermont Castings Resolute (great stove)in my log cabin now. It has about 40" of 6"stovepipe going into 6" Metalbestos. I bought a used Defiant (great condition) since I would like more initial heat when I open up the cabin on winter weekends. Can I use a reducer to go from the Defiant's 8" stove pipe into the existing 6" Metalbestos and avoid replacing the existing 6" Metalbestos with 8"? My logbuilder has a Vigilant and reduces its 8" stovepipe into 6" Metalbestos. (I know his stove is one size smaller than my 'new' Defiant) The chimney is probably about 20' high since the cabin is essentially two stories tall. Thanks very much. I appreciate the opportunity to ask you this question. -John B. Thorsness


    According to codes and the manufacturers instructions, you cannot reduce that stove to 6". A 6" flue actually has appox 1/2 the capacity of an 8" one. In practical terms, the stove would probably smoke out the door when you were loading it. It might burn OK once it was going and the doors were closed.
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