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    I am going to install a Federal airtight stove.It's an older model made by Dutchwest by what I've been told.It has a heatshield in the back,and I'm going to keep it 12 inches from a wall I built by putting metal sheet set 1 inch away from sheetrock.Sound okay?Also going to use some Dura-vent chimney that I have on hand.It's triple wall,no packed insulation(older manufacture?).I'll have to offset the pipe with 30 degree offset to miss hip roof peak in a 1 story attic,if I can find offsets,which has been a problem so far.I'm doing this because I have all the pipe on hand other then offsets,to save money.Is this ok,or will I have to sell my wife and kids to be able to afford a new,complete Metalbestos set-up?Can I use single wall pipe on the interior,with shields,or do I have to use double wall.Pipe will be about 13 inches from unprotected wall,which starts 4 feet from base.I thought woodstoves were supposed to save you money


    Sounds OK to me. The sheet metal spaced 1" off the wall will provide a reduction to the 12". The Dura-Vent should be fine. You should be able to find the same type pipe. Try a plumbing or heating supply if you cannot find it in a stove place. Yes, a pipe heat shield will easily reduce your single pipe clearance to 13" or less.
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