Regasket glass door on older Vermont casting vigilant woodstove

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Robin Warner

New Member
Jan 24, 2023
Hampden mass
My Vigilant Vermont castings woodstove needs new gasket around the glass. I hired someone to regasket the entire stove. I have done the doors and the top. But never window. I have had the stove for 40 years. Does the glass need to come out in order to correctly put new gaskets in. I assume yes. I think it’s a different size also. A bit nervous as the store told me the gasket set was a special order 100$ and I see them online for less then 35$. I am nervous.

Defiant 3

New Member
Oct 25, 2022
You may be able to have it done at a local glass retailer. Chances are some screws that hold the frames or clips, whichever you have, wil break then need to be drilled and tapped. Can you post pic. s of the inside of the doors? I could tell you what you'll need...