Regency F1500 catalyst slide warping repeatedly

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May 12, 2020
Nova Scotia
I'm on my fourth winter with a Regency Cascades F1500 catalytic wood stove. The catalyst is essentially a circular grid of cells that can be positioned underneath the stovepipe outlet. It sits in a drawer that the operator can slide forward and aft depending on whether they want the exhaust to pass through the catalyst or bypass it.

There seems to be a design problem with the drawer assembly. In fall 2020, after one year of use, a part on the bottom of the drawer--a heat shield of sorts--warped, causing the drawer to jam. I ordered a new one. Now, two years and a bit later, it's jamming again; I suspect the same part has warped a second time. On the next mild day I'll take it apart to verify (a royal PITA).

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the F1500 or any other Regency products with a similar sliding catalyst system.