relocating return manifold.

hayrack Posted By hayrack, Jun 15, 2009 at 11:39 AM

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    I am in the process of relocating my return manifold. I have installed an eko 40 with 1000 gallons of pressurized storage. My install is similair to simplest pressurized storage. the wood boiler is the beginning of the piping then the oil and on to the tank.
    My return manifold has circ pumps and was 6" of the floor and ran straight into the oil. My supply manifold is 6" from the ceiling. I have some options of where to put it. I could mount it on an existing wall and it would be about 4' from the ceiling or I can mount it 6" from the ceiling like my supply manifold. My reservation on the wall mount is that I will have to make a 90 degree bend on each end of the manifold and then go back up to within 6" of the ceiling to run pipes to my tank and wood boiler. If I put in the ceiling I would not have to return to the manifold and then push back up 4' to go to the boiler or tank. The wall would be the easy way out, but I am thinking the ceiling would be a more direct path and promote better flow. I am thinking the higher I get it the less likely I am going to push or pull any water through the oil. I do not want hot water going through my oil. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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