Removing exhaust manifold bolts

sapratt Posted By sapratt, Oct 25, 2008 at 9:35 PM

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    I have found heat to be the best way of breaking them loose. If you have access to an oxy/acet. torch, that's the best. Propane and map probably won't get it hot enough. If it's an aluminum head, be very careful with the temp, too much will more or less evaporate the aluminum. An impact works well too. Try to work the bolt back and forth, alternating directions. Don't go crazy or it will break. You want to gently impact a little in each direction. When you see it start to move, continue working the bolt a bit in one direction, then a bit in the opposite direction. Gradually move it a little more each time. It should eventually back out.
  2. sapratt

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    Sorry about the delayed response. I didn't get them off I let the bolts soak for a while and tried turning them all I heard was cracking.
    The engine is a 87 chevy 2.8 liter. The head gasket is leaking. I was able to get the passenger side head off but not the drivers side.
    The drivers side is the side thats leaking. I ended up cutting the Y pipe and taking the head and pipe out in one peice. I know it wasn't
    the right way of doing it, but I figured it was better then breaking bolts off in the head. I need to get the drivers side off soon it is starting to
    leak worse and worse everyday.
    I was kinda looking forward to this job. I never changed head gaskets before and it wasn't bad until I got to the exhaust bolts thats when
    the nightmare began.
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