Q&A Removing shen (sealant) from fireplace rock

QandA Posted By QandA, Sep 9, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I am presently buying a house with a fireplace made (what appears to be ) river rock. It has a gas stove- white- inserted. I have two dilemmas. The actual rock has some kind of sealant on it which gives the cement and rock and light blue tint that makes it look fake and tacky. Do you have any ideas as to the removal of it so that I can get to the original- natural look?The chimney outside is river rock - so I am assuming it is rock. What can I do? Second- I don't like looking at fake logs either. Is there a particular paint that I can use to paint the white stove and glass and create an art piece. I would like a variety of color. Is there a product for that amount of heat with a varied color palette?


    The sealant is probably tung oil- or a number of coats of silicone or other masonry sealant. So as not to steer you wrong- I'd like to defer the question to the experts in masonry at http://www.rumford.com - they know all. <p> You can use stove paint- Stove Bright is one popular brand- to paint any high-temp surface. the paints work well.and are available in a number of colors. Only problem - the finishes are quite flat..so a high gloss is out of the question.

    Link: Rumford Fireplaces and other info
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