Replacement Glass

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Feb 18, 2023
Pocono Mountains
This looks like a great site but I wish I had found this forum 6 years ago and I'm hoping that there are still enough active members to answer my question.

I bought a house with an existing Consolidated Dutchwest Sequoia FA455 woodstove. I received no directions or manual so I have been burning wood like it was a fireplace with the "flue" wide open. I just found out that is a catalyst and I am going to try and check out the catalyst tomorrow when the stove is cool. I briefly switched to using the catalyst and it seemed to work okay but I want to inspect it first for any obstruction. The first time I tried to use the stove I found a dead squirrel in the flue pipe. !!!

Once the catalyst is addressed I need to replace the fire rope and I would like to replace the glass. The frame around the glass is bent at the bottom (looks like a piece of wood fell against the glass and melted the frame. The glass had a pretty good coating of soot on it and after I cleaned the inside it became apparent that there is soot between the panes as well.

Thanks to this forum I was able to find the operating instructions but have not found a detailed parts list. Does anyone have access to the list and/or can recommend a reliable site for replacement glass and frame?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone still knows about this model and can help;

Thanks in advance. Steve
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