Replacement Stove - Lesson Learned

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WA Cabin

New Member
Nov 6, 2023
Hi All,

Two years ago I bought a US Stove Logwood (US1269E) for a small 12'x8' uninsulated cabin with a loft in the mountains of Washington. Unfortunately, I did not do my research prior to purchasing the stove and have regretted it since the first use. Now after two years of trying to make the 1269E work, I've finally had enough and decided to buy a replacement.

My current frontrunners are the Drolet - Spark II or Deco Nano so any feedback on those would be appreciated, but I am also open to alternate options. I'd like to keep my budget in the neighborhood of $1,000, as I only spend roughly 4 days a month at the cabin. Thanks in advance for the help!

Your chimney is too short. You’ll want to add 3-4 feet to it. This will help your stove behave in a more predictable way.