Replacing fuel lines/filter on MS 290

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Oct 18, 2021
I want to examine and possibly replace the fuel lines and filter on my MS 290; I have never change the fuel filter since owning the saw. Do I have to disassemble the saw, as in this video, to replace the fuel lines and filter? If so, I am not sure I want to tackle it. The guy in the video seemed to not really know what he was doing so if you have better videos please share them with me.

i think donyboy73 has a good video on it. i did it on my 029 super a couple years ago. it was not that hard after watching his video.
not the full how to but this is the guy. he's the best.
The impulse line looks a lot harder to change. Thanks for the video on the fuel line, I feel much better now on being able to do the job. My saw is bogging down when making cuts so I want to examine the lines and change out the filter while I am at it.
I'm sure you already checked your muffler screen and air filter. Here is another possibility.

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When I had the muffler off, I did check the piston and it looked good. The advice in the video about running the saw too long too lean is taken to heart; glad that I saw that video. Thank guys.
You should be able to fish the filter out with a stiff wire with a hook on the end.
You should be able to see whare the fuel line comes through the tank and hooks to the carb.If you see the line coming through the tank take a small screw driver and push the shoulders through the tank after you have unhooked it from the carb.Once the shoulders are through the tank a light tug should have the line and filter in your hand. If your wire is long enough push it through the hole where the duel line came through and out the filler cap hole.insert it in the new line and tape it to the wire so you can pull it back trough the tank and out the hole the line comes through.Don't pull to hard as the wire and tape will pull off the line.Once the fuel line has started to come through the hole you will need to pull it through to get the shoulders to seat outside the tank.Install the filter and fill the tank.
Make sure you use only a Stihl fuel line.Re-tune your saw afterwards as required to keep from scoring your piston.
Easy peasy job once you have decided to do it.