Replacing the Vigilant

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Well, actually I am considering a big shuffle. The Defiant in the basement will probably get the axe, my beloved Vigilant will move to the basement and I am contemplating the purchase of a new Encore. My parents have had 2, and are now using a Defiant Encore, which I am very impressed with, since I cannot buy one of those, the Encore is the next best thing.
I heat a 2400 sq foot log cabin, the Vigilant does just a fine job, when it is very cold, sustained, I use the second stove.

I have a couple questions.
as I recall the Encore was available in catalytic and “non-catalytic” versions, I don’t see any mention of it anymore, suggesting it is no longer an option. which is it?
I see that it has an optional fan, where does it mount, and where does it blow? We currently use a muffin fan hanging above the stove which makes a big difference, the mounted fan sounds much tidier.
My parents Encores had issues with cracked tops and warped internals, one of them is easily explained due to misuse from a visitor, long story.
The other if i recall correctly wasn’t that bad off except for the top which cracked, otherwise I believe it just needed an overhaul.
Both were enameled, i don’t have the intention to buy an enameled stove, as personally i don’t care for the look, but were the enameled units more prone to cracking or is this an issue across the model lineup?
Thanks for any input!