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QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    Here's the situation: In replacing an old stove, I've found the 8" single-wall stove pipe from the stove up is all installed upside down so the female ends of the pipe are pointing down. This leads to creosote leaking out of the joints where pieces of stove pipe connect.

    I've ruled out pulling out the whole installation as too much work and mess. What I have to work with now is a female piece of 8" pipe sticking down from the ceiling. I'd like to reverse the gender at that point and have it be normal from there down to the stove.

    At last resort, I could cut out a sleeve to slip over the joint between the female end from the ceiling and another female end against it. If I used glue and sheet metal screws that would probably work. Finding a pre made piece that solves the problem would be simpler, I think.

    The local stove stores couldn't help me so far. Any ideas?


    First you'll need to identify what brand your chimney is that is running up through the ceiling/attic/roof. You can do this by removing a top section or crawling into the attic. There should be a label or embossing on the outer wall that indicates the Manufacturer and Brand name. It should make reference somewhere to "UL-103 Type HT". After you identify the make, you can order a transition adapter that will reverse the joint to a male joint. It is important that you only use the adaptor made by the manufacturer of your chimney. The ceiling area is a potential hot spot and your chimney was designed and safety tested with a specific adapter. Any professional Hearth Products store, that's worth a hoot, can either get the CORRECT part for you or tell you where you can get it. Stay away from chain stores and big hardware stores. They won't even have a clue what you are talking about. If all else fails, I can get the correct part for you, but I'd suggest your local Hearth Products store as a first choice.

    Every year I have customers that encounter the same problem. The smarter ones do what it takes to ensure that it is done correctly. Some of the more impatient and "not so smart" ones create something makeshift. These "less smart ones" usually end up being being part of "statistical numbers" reported by the fire department each year in their annual reports.
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