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Perfect Heat Posted By Perfect Heat, Oct 2, 2011 at 12:38 AM

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  1. Perfect Heat

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    Cool out side so I fired up. Checked system and found that the return temp was cool. Checked the circs valves etc. Everything looked fine. Found a cool spot at a 90 elbow. Looked like a blocked elbow. Good thing it was close to a union. Drained system and discovered elbow was clear. Turns out to be an air lock. So before you take apart, do a quick flush of system to clear air locks.

    Thanks to Heaterman for recommending loctite 55. Stuff works great for rookies.

  2. Hunderliggur

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    Been there done that, welcome to the club. Next year when you start it for the first time make sure the circulator is turning. Mine needed a whack with a hammer to get it in the mood (after the boiler started to get a BIT too hot!). I suggest manually enabling your circulator to make sure the water is flowing, regardless if it is an air lock or a stuck circulator.
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