room size for jotul oslo

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Apr 19, 2009
nw New Jersey
new to this site but have a question concerning room size and jotul oslo 500. i have a 500 sq ft room . it has a 6 ft slider, a 5 ft. single pane bow window,another 3 ft single pane window,, 2 outside facing walls and a third wall with a cold uninsulated garage on the other side., a door into the garage and a door opening into a kitchen and 8 ft ceilings. we have a sloped lot so the room is actually over a walk in cellar so it is like a second story room.. i live in nw new jersey and in short it is a very cold room. we are replacing an old smokey franklin stove. i looked at the quadra fire cast iron stoves. the yosemite had such a small fire box i thought the cumberland gap was the way to go. BUT i stopped in to a dealer that sold Jotul stoves and after looking over their line i was leaning in the castine stove direction but loved the side load door on the oslo and the single door on the front and figured what ever i would burn in the castine would work in the oslo also, my other train of thinking was i wanted more stove so when we have the ocassional cold snap (this would be teens or colder during the day and single digets at night) i could heat the room without putting wood in every 45 minutes like it was with the franklin. does anyone out there have a similar set up and in short am i going to drive the family out with the oslo or will it work ok? thanks for any advise or experience HOMIE


New Member
Oct 19, 2008
A wood burning stove would be fine, but I'm wondering .... is this a room you use 24/7 ? Or is it an occasional use room? My wood burning insert delivers good heat only after I've started it for an hour or so. Perhaps a pellet stove would be more appropriate when you need immediate heat for a few hours each day


Minister of Fire
Feb 7, 2008
Middlefield, Ma
The Oslo would work, just burn hot but smaller fires a times. I would solve the main problem first which is lack of insulation. If you don't use the slider for views in winter get some sheet insulation. Make some inner storms for the other windows and work on the garage walls. Insulate, insulate and insulate. Good luck.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Agreed, a big heater will do the job much in the same way a a dump truck could be used to get the groceries. It'll work, but it's not very efficient.

You'll receive much greater long term benefit and savings by addressing the heat loss in this area. Caulk and seal it up well, including the space below. And get some storm windows made. The room will be easier to heat with a smaller stove and will be cooler and quieter in the summer as well.


Minister of Fire
Oct 7, 2008
Lackawaxen PA
I can recommend the Jotel Oslo. Mine is 9 years old and heats a 1200 sq ft house, no matter what the temp is outside. I crank the thing, and haven't broken it. The side loading is great. The only thing not so good is opening the front door, ash gets trapped between the door and the stove. It spills out. The only reason to open it is to clean the glass. I now clean the glass with a good got hot fire, and any additional cleaning can be done thru the side door. We didn't open it this season. I suggest the enamel finish, mine held up great.


Dec 1, 2008
West Windsor, Vermont
My Oslo heats my entire 2000 sq ft, two story home. It sits in a room approximately half the size of yours. When it's zero degrees outside, that room will be close to eighty degrees, the rest of my house will be in the seventies. You may be looking at too much stove if you only plan to heat the one room. The Oslo is a beast, and pumps out a LOT of heat.
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