Q&A Running Metal Fireplace Chimney on outside of house

QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    I am looking to install a heatilator woodburning prefab. My only option in running the vent is on the outside of my brick wall. This is an old neighborhood and I have too little clearance between houses to build a chase---and it's not feasible to run through the interior. I am in SE Pennsylvania. It doesn't get Mid-western cold here. Is the direct exposure a bad idea? I'm not sure as I have seen it done around here before. The venting that corresponds with my unit is air cooled. Also, if I do run it along the outside, I want brackets to secure the piping to the masonry. Heatilator says they don't have it. But this I have seen before as well. I'm sure, if the right size, someone else's brackets would work. Know of anyone?


    I think it would probably work OK. We've done it around here (NJ) and have not had problems. You could probably easily fabricate brackets that would do the job of holding the pipe 2" or so from the wall. I see no reason why you could not screw or rivet into the outside chamber of that double-wall pipe...or, better yet, use plumber perforated metal "tape" to provide a clamp-around bracket.
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