Rust spots in a new Opel fireplace

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Dec 8, 2015
Issaquah, WA
Hi all,

I just noticed last night that there are rust spots in the top of my brand new Opel 3 fireplace that can be seen through the top louver. See attached photo.

The fireplace is just a month old and I've only had about 10 fires. It's not currently leaking so I know it came this way. I've reached out to RSF but haven't heard back.

Has anyone seen something like this before and if so what do you recommend?



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I'd clean the area up, maybe touch up the area with a bit of stove paint and watch it. In particular I don't like that tannish dust on the pipe. If it returns or the rust comes back and indicates a leak, alert the dealer.
Looks like a puddle of water was on it from a chimney leak.
I'm certain this is not a leak in my chimney but that it came this way. It's a brand new fireplace and chimney. The more I think about it, I believe I saw these marks right after they installed it.
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