Rusted firepot bolts

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Nov 16, 2015
Hi, the firepot on our very old Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE appears to be quite rusted, as are at least the caps of the two machine bolts holding it in place.

I was considering replacing the firepot, but even using a breaker bar I could not budge either of those two bolts, and that's after letting them soak in PB Blaster for almost a week. I was reluctant to apply too much force with the breaker bar as I feared the bolt heads would snap off; I can't imagine getting in there to drill them out if that happened...there's not enough vertical space in there for a drill because of the heat exchanger plate.

Does anyone know of a technique for getting those puppies out?
Heat. Either a heat gun or a torch. Opens up the clearances and often makes a big difference. Try to get more heat to the part that the bolt screws into.

I suppose you could even run the stove and try and turn them before the stove cools down.
JB80 is way better than PB Blaster. I've had it loosen rusted bolts that I would have laid money would never break loose... Just seems to penetrate and dissolve rust better.