Safe rebuild of alcove

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New Member
Jul 2, 2022
Graham, TX
First time stove buyer here. So I am getting a Green Mountain 60 installed pretty soon, in an alcove which formerly housed a fireplace insert. As you can see, I will be starting from scratch here - I plan to remove the faux rock in the front and get down to concrete so the stove is not elevated like the insert was. I’ll be cutting the rock in line with the levels, just have not done it yet.

I am wanting to know the safest way to get the alcove ready for my stove. I have a good amount of old firebrick in the backyard that I plan to use. Was thinking about (after adding fiberglass batt insulation to the walls) using 5/8 drywall, then install the brick up to the height of the alcove opening, with at least an inch of airspace behind it. Need to know (assuming this approach is ok) the best way to ensure the brick stays supported from behind, without the supports hindering airflow. I will re-use the old fireplace outside air vents (about 20” above the concrete) to help with convection, just need to figure out how to evacuate that heated air up top.

Btw, the alcove is 51 1/2” wide, 20” deep, and when I remove the faux rock in front it will be 58” to the front opening. My stove will be 26” wide, 18 1/2” deep, and 30” tall. Also, the bare studs and plywood extend all the way up to the original chimney top. I hope I don’t need to treat that whole area (drywall, etc), but please tell me if I do.

If this approach is just wrong, I’m open to input!

According to the GM80 manual, the minimum alcove width for this stove is 54.5". If there is 58" stud to stud and cement board is used to clad the interior, then it is ok for width. The alcove ceiling height minimum is 61.5".

What will be done for the alcove ceiling? How tall is the existing chase? Is this a single-story install or two?