santa fe trouble shooting auger

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Feb 24, 2015
I've read several posts on here and I have seen mention of a mode switch? from my understanding if it is set to a certain number all features of the stove such as blowers and auger will run for X number of seconds on start up. I cannot find any other information on that here or on the web. I also cannot find a list of the blinking light codes anywhere. Can someone point me to these please? I'm fairly mechanically able when I have the information I need.

Also, I ran a diagnostic by putting the mode selector switch in the "0" position and it operated both blowers, the igniter, and the feed motor for 10 seconds each. So that eliminates bad connections, wiring. Also ran it on #6 and #7(+10% feed rate option for low grade pellets)

My auger on the 2000 model won't run at startup. I'm going to jumper #2 and the Vacuum here at some point and see what happens.
So my board isn't that new. I have the Pantrol 2301132 J controller. It's listed with a copyright 2002 and it's in a 2000 model stove. Are the years irrelevant as long as its the santa fe?