Savannah 24" Vent Free Natural Gas Logs Install

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Jul 8, 2014
Houston, TX
Well I have been quiet on the forum for a few years as I moved homes and had no burning ability.

Long story short, went with ventless log install as it's the easiest for the missus to operate with me not home. The remote that comes with it makes this a breeze for her. Given that it rarely gets below freezing here in Houston, this unit is perfect for our heating needs. It's working quite well but I thought I'd share few pointers I have gathered. Most of you on here I have noticed use vented so for those curious about ventless I thought I'd chime in. They can be used safely but there are some items to note:

1) CO monitors are a must. They aren't required here but if you're burning any fuel here and not using a CO monitor please go out and buy one.

2) Follow the direction of the log placement EXACTLY. Many of you know this with ventless log set-ups but the logs cannot touch the flames. Not only is the smell overwhelming, it is the best way to flood your home with CO.

3) Do NOT use them on their high/max power setting with the flue closed. It stated this very clearly in the manual that if you run it on high power that it can be overwhelming and explicitly says the flue should be partially open when the unit is on max. Opening the flue though defeats the heating purpose of this device for the most part. My unit puts out plenty of heat halfway between "Max" and "Min" though YMMV depending on how cold it is outside.

4) Break in the unit with the flue open for a few hours to remove the "new logs smell." I ran mine on max for about 4 hours before attempting a trial with the flue closed. This removed most of the smell that accompanies new units. The smell, rest assured, will go away after a couple of hours so long as the logs are placed correctly.

5) Be mindful of moisture levels during extended burns. Ventless logs add moisture to the air and if you don't pay attention it can get a tad steamy. Our unit puts out so much heat neither my wife nor I keep it on for longer than an hour currently but it is something to be mindful of if you use or are considering one of these units.

6) The "Universal Install Kit" includes a piece of crap connect "pipe" that was a tiny piece of aluminum. The connections were fine but I had to go out and buy a proper line. This was just an issue with my unit however. Not everyone will come across this problem most likely.

7) Have the correct expectations with these units. This is the #1 rule of any new appliance but I find it to be particularly the case with ventless logs. It's not as homey or comforting as wood heat but does the job it's built for very well. I would NEVER leave it on overnight but then again it's not what it's designed for. We use it to heat the room when we come home from work or are just waking up for the day. It keeps us more than warm.

*This is more of a side-note but something that should be repeated. Be aware of local codes as these are not legal to operate in every state (and barred in Canada completely if I recall correctly). In addition not every state will allow you to install gas appliances such as these yourself so again be aware of local codes*

Some stats about this particular model:
Input Max: 39,000 BTU/HR
Input Min: 25,000 BTU/HR

Total install time (excluding drives to the hardware store) took roughly 3 hours. The batteries for the remote reciever were in a different spot than I thought so I disassemble the entire set up twice. The first time was to replace the hose and the second was for the batteries. It turns out the battery location was in front but I missed it. Felt like a genius when I realized there was no reason to take apart the entire thing just to change the batteries.

Attached are some so-so photos of the set up.

Merry Christmas everyone. So thankful for this community. You guys are beyond helpful.

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