Scientific review of eco-logs for Canadian consumers (logs available up here)

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    Hey guys

    In Canada there is a french publications that is the equivalent to Consumer Reports. They reviewed 10 types of wood products (including maple wood) and provided a comparison. Here is the final chart for reviews. They wanted to attempt to prove to some people that those logs are not a bad deal for the environment (particulate emissions) and can compare to hardwood.

    The column translation from left to right: model log, $/lb, $/lb packed (some manufacturers allow to purchase pallets that are not boxed up), types of materials in log, manufacturers weight, manufacturers burn time, length of combustion, heat given off, polution (particles) emitted, overall grade.

    They provided 33% of the grade for burn time, 33% for heat given off and 33% for particle emissions.

    They stated that every log burned much less than indicated by the manufacturer.

    HOWEVER, the test was not conducted in an EPA compliant stove. They would not have been able to measure the particulate emissions from the logs if they had done so.

    FYI only.


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