Search Continues! England's, Englander. Same Stove? Any good?

TedPStove Posted By TedPStove, Jul 17, 2008 at 11:25 PM

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  1. TedPStove

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    Jun 16, 2008
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  2. packerfan

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    Ya, they are made by the same people. They are also sold under the names Timber ridge, and summers heat. I think that the only difference in the brand names for the same stove is that some have a silver trim and others have a bronze colored trim. They may also sell the different brand names to different retailers.

    Also, try looking elsewhere for that stove, you may find a better price. They also can be found at lowes or home depot. They may not yet have them in stock, but you can always ask when they expect them to be in. I got mine (englander 25-pdv) at home depot for $900 on sale, and that is for the model that is a little bigger than the one you mentioned above.
  3. stoveguy2esw

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    yes as dan said , the corporate name is "England's Stove Works inc. we carry three lines; englander , summers heat , and timber ridge, the stoves are identical except for trim packages which are determined by what the stores want to carry. the model you are looking at has been in production since 1998 , with the addition of auto ignition in 2004. it has been the most successful pellet stove we have ever built in as far as numbers produced since inception we have built around 70 thousand of those units easily the most of any one model in company history. i have one in my home i use it as a stand alone heater it was installed in december of 2004 and has worked flawlessly since i put it in. bear in mind ,i work for the company so in my mind of course its a good unit , but im sure that you will find many good reviews for this unit.
  4. webbie

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    As with any stove, you can find good reviews and less than perfect ones. What you mainly have to be comfortable with is the ability to install and troubleshoot the installation yourself and to do all service and repair (even under warranty) in the future. Also, being as that model has been made for 10 years or more.....probably reliable - but at the same time, not state of the art as per their new one (just coming out) or many other stoves designed in the last few years.

    This is a general statement, but there are at least 3 generations of pellet stoves......the first ones that failed miserably (unless you were very handy and lucky)......the second ones which have been made more reliable and then the newest ones that have some extra tuning and features - maybe DC operation (battery backup, etc.), corn or other fuel options, etc....

    Again, very rough - because some stoves like the original Austroflamm (still sold today) are more advanced than the "3rd generation" that I mentioned. Probably actually more like 4 generations.........

    Back to the won't find many Pellet stoves in that price range, so if the shoe fits...wear it. Of course, you are not buying a $3000 stove for $1499, but at the same time it is a heck of a price considering inflation, steel prices, and everything else.
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