Seasoned enough?

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I cut a few trees to rounds in April 08. They have been thrown into a pile since cutting and recently stacked off the ground in rows(outside still). By December or January will these be dry enough for burning? Out of curiosity, I hand split two round pieces. They split pretty easily and you heard that "crack" when the maul hit. It sounded good. I still smelled the strong scent of the tree when it split. Are these rounds ready?




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Feb 6, 2008
Western Maryland
What kind of wood?

What sound do the splits make when you bang them together? Dull thud or more of a chime-like ping?

Does the bark peel of easily?

Are the ends splitting?
The ends are shrinking and there are cracks, the bark is still on there but peeling, the sound that it makes is a baseball bat crack sound not like a low thud.


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Jul 24, 2007
Central Maine
If its oak that was freshly cut this last spring but hasn't been split yet, than no.....I doubt its fully seasoned. Cut/split/stacked oak needs at least a year if not two to be "fully seasoned".

Will you be able to burn it.........sure. You just won't be getting all the heat potential out of the wood, and may have to clean your chimney more frequently.


Sep 6, 2007
Eastern Ma.
Forget about it for this year! A few years ago I cut up an oak that had been downed a few years earlier. It was not on the ground but resting on some of the limbs. Took all the rounds home & stackrd them into an open on three side shed. That was in Jan. In Oct. I split all the rounds. Even in my old smoke dragon the wood would not burn that winter. It was just to soaked.


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Nov 19, 2005
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No! If you would of split them in April maybe. Fresh Oak takes 2 years to dry out, even standing dead will have tons of water in them and can take at least 1 year.
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