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SSPENCE Posted By SSPENCE, Feb 23, 2006 at 8:14 PM

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    Feb 23, 2006
    I'm having a problem getting a Sequoia II to work. It was installed by the homeowner in mid Dec 05 and they have not been able to get it to work like it should. It is installed in a 2x6 insulated chase. It has about 21 ft. of chimney on top of it and is 3 1/2 ft from the peak of the house and is 3 1/2 ft above the peak, it uses Majestic's 3 wall chimney. It also was installed with outside air the homeowner didn't cover the the air inlet under the firebox, so it will pull air from the house or the outside. The main problem that I can see is that the primary air isn't coming out of the air wash channels at the top of the FP. The fireplace doesn't hardly run without the door open and if it is going good, then when you shut the door and then the damper a few minutes later the fire will almost go out. Yes the wood is seasoned that the homeowner is using, and I brought some wood that we us at the store for our displays. After having a fire in it for more then 45min. it will still let flames into the air wash channel and the glass went from being just cleaned to almost completely black. I took of the top louvers and primary air cover and theirs even creosote on the air shutter. At that point I put a smoke bomb in the air inlet box to see if any smoke would come out of the primary air channel, it didn't. I have called VC tech department and they said to cover the air inlet box so it can only pull outside air. We have tried that and it doesn't seem to work. I was just wondering if any other VC dealers have had this problem or have any ideas. Thank You.
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