Shelf fungus on wood pile


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Aug 29, 2019
Trying to determine what to do. We are just getting into wood burning and learning. We had a tree fall last year that I cut and stacked the logs (I honestly don’t know the species). They have not been covered or split, and I have not tried to burn anything from this pile. However, I would like to know first of all if it’s a good idea, and if not currently a good idea, is there something I should do with this stack to get it usable? When I first cut up the tree, we did not have a covered storage solution, but we now do. I know I could move it into the wood shed, but there is some kind of shelf fungus growing on the logs. Any thoughts here? Thank you. I have attached pictures.



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Jan 17, 2014
I get this stuff too if the wood stays wet too long. A little won't hurt, a lot will make your wood pithy like a sponge. Just get it dry and the fungus will die.


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Dec 14, 2007
SE Mass
They're living on the minerals and moisture in the wood. Get them split, stacked, maybe even covered and drying out and they will not continue to survive. You've got mold, too. Both are kinda normal/usual in wet, damp un-sunny locations.
Splitting them will drive the moisture content in the rounds down, getting them out of the rain will help a lot too.

Taller stacks sometimes helps keep the rain off the bottom of the stack and the height of the stack often helps get the top of the stack dried out sooner after a rain. Tall stacks also fall over easier. The bottom row off the ground and the top top-covered can make up for less tall stacks that don't topple over quite so easy.