Show Us Your Wood Shed

Feb 2, 2020
Madison, WI

Almost 75 ft long, 8 bins that hold 1.5 cords of wood each. Top covered with tin roofing material. Flooring is oak pallets.

Building it was very easy. 6 ft long ground timbers as the posts and 2x4's as the dividers and to hold the wood up in the back. The ground timbers are put into 6x6/4x4 concrete deck blocks from Menards and its all held together with 3" long wood nails:

I also have extra oak pallets in the yard for storage and two 8 ft long metal racks with covers.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 20, 2018
Built this lil guy with the kids out of some free pallets from work. $0 invested, holds 2 cord, can pick up and move with skidsteer(when empty).



Feb 29, 2020
Central Iowa
Here's my new wood shed, though shed is a stretch. This is fresh cut wood ready to dry over the next 2 years. I will cover it in the fall and winter. Got feedback on the forum that in Iowa it will dry well in our hot windy summer days, uncovered.