Simple Baffle Solution for your old FISHER ! More Heat Less Smoke under $25


Nov 29, 2015
Frozen North
You have the angle iron going longwise, did you do that to help with the warping?
Yes. But I have plenty of scrap and can weld up any design, even grid it, if I want - so messing around is no big deal. Not much matters, it seems, except bulk. Beefier bits don't warp as much, if at all, or rust very fast.

Fat wood

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Sep 12, 2020
I would like to say thank you for the baffle specs. I found a mama bear on market place cheap. So i had a weilder cut the top and weild two brackets to support the baffle plate. Good thing, i can take the plate out if i desire. I used your exact measurements. I took out my epa stove because of cost of fire brick and combustion box. Now i have a life time stove. A shorter burn time, but cheaper to maintain!!!!!


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