Simplest way to heat an apartment and garage with a Jensen wood boiler

RonJon1190 Posted By RonJon1190, Dec 6, 2018 at 4:29 PM

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    Jan 2, 2018
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    Hi guys, I have what may be an odd request. My barn (garage) has an old Jensen wood boiler in it, that we got a few years ago, and only hooked it up to a fan coil in the garage. When we piped that in, we made a manifold where we could add zone valves easily if needed later. I would like to hook it up to supply heat (thermostatically controlled) to the 1200 sf apartment above the garage, and use the insulated garage space (about 1000 sq ft) as a dump zone. Right now the garage space is only heated by the boiler and fan coil combo or a conventional wood stove, while the apartment has a single heat zone and a second zone for DHW with an indirect tank. The oil boiler is a system 2000, which is a cold start boiler. What would you guys suggest for a system layout?

    I was thinking about just running heat pex to the second floor, running a second set of baseboard radiators (the apartment has baseboard only along one wall, I could easily run them opposite the existing ones) then just putting a second thermostat in, and run them as two separate systems. Has anyone else run into a similar situation?

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