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    ---Beyond decreasing clearance distance to combustibles, when should double wall stovepipe (stove to wall, ceiling or roof) be considered for a non-cat woodstove? When clearances are not an issue, using single wall stovepipe seems preferable since more heat radiates from it; the purpose d'etre.


    In general, you are correct. Other reasons for using double wall:

    1. It is stainless on the inside, so should last many years longer than single.

    2. If you are concerned about chimney draft or the chimney getting too cold, the double will keep it warmer and create less tars and creosotes on the interior of the pipe.

    3. Mobile home and other such specialty installations sometimes require it.In most cases, such as a straight up chimney with a standard ceiling support and class A above that, I'd use single wall as long as the clearances were OK.
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