Small woodlot management

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Oct 2, 2023
New Brunswick Canada
I have a 27 acres woodlot with part of it being swamp maybe 5 acres right down the middle . Also some parts have very small trees not ready to cut with a few good size trees mixed in and a few section here and there with an assortment of trees ready to be cut maybe an acre here and there . . My other problem is the ground is very rough and very bumpy to drive on with an atv . I made a few trails here and there to do the best I can to cut trees that are a good size and I am tempted to either keep making more trails to get to more places on my woodlot or my other option is to get to my sections with pretty well all good size trees and start clear cutting while I wait 10 to 15 years for the others in other parts of my land to grow bigger . I bought this land 5 years ago. Im just looking for comments on what is best in your opinion. I need 4 to 5 cords a year .
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Cut in winter once the swamp freezes over. It’s a nice flat space to move. Snow can also be used to flatten trails through the woods.
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Cut in winter once the swamp freezes over. It’s a nice flat space to move. Snow can also be used to flatten trails through the woods.
I wish I could cut in winter but there is only one way to enter the lot in the winter and the snow plow usually fills the driveway with snow banks . Its along a road but I can get there with my atv trough the woods 3 km away . I have to cross that road . That land came with our main property .
It sounds like you could use a snowmobile in the winter or work on improving the trails for summer use. If you chip the waste from the trees, you can use that to fill in dips and ruts on the trails.

Every woodlot is different, but I’d rather selectively thin the trees than clear sections.
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I understand the value of selective harvesting. It’s more attractive but I think it takes more effort. An unless I was a good timber cutter (I’m not) clear cutting small section by section would be les risky IMO.

But none of this matters if you don’t have decent access. I would be looking for an old tractor. You can do a lot with an old 8n Ford. I’ve often thought that land managed for maximum yield doesn’t look very wild or natural. It’s a trade off.