Smell of smoke in house/negative pressure


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Mar 21, 2020
I currently have a wood/oil combination forced air furnace. Practical new furnace with house not a year old. When I am burning wood I get a smell of smoke through the entire house minus the furnace room which in the basement of a bungalow. There is no visible cracks in the heat exchanger. I am wondering does it have some thing to do with negative pressure. Chimney is all up to spec and the furnace has great draft with the door being open. Can to much draft or the return air cause negative pressure. Thanks for some input.


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Negative pressure is a factor in basement installations.
If you have the option, add an Outside Air Kit for your
combustion air source. Without it, the combustion air
needs to come from inside your home. That air needs
to be replaced from somewhere, & the only place is from
the outside of your home. Any place air can be drawn in,
smoke & smells can be drawn in as well...


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Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
Crack a nearby window or door open a bit to see if the smell goes away...if it does, then yes, you need an outdoor air kit.