Smoke leak? Oslo F500 v3

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Sep 23, 2021
Beaverton OR
Ive noticed a tiny wood smoke smell in our sunroom where our woodstove sits. This is our 2nd season with the Oslo F500v3. Seems to burn well especially when the ash pan is full. The unit has two 45-degree elbows and about 25 feet of double and triple wall pipe. Im burning oak and fir below 20% moisture. The unit has a good draft and I can burn overnight and have a small amount of coals in the AM , not a lot after 8 hrs but some. Filling the ash pan really helped with this and the unit passes the dollar bill test around the door.

But I'm smelling smoke from the top left edge but I cant see any. The smell is gone when the stove is cold and only smells while hot weather the damper is open OR closed. I don't see any light coming through from a flashlight in this area. I do see some oozing joint material inside and outside that has been found in the ash es as well. Is this a warranty problem because I can't let this continue? It's not terrible in the house and hardly noticeable but I need to do something.

Also noticed some creasote in my ash pan area, photos show left and right sides. Not sure if related, I don't use the ash pan door to start fires. Anyway....

If I get my nose really close to the left edge and smell its strong enough to slightly sting my sinuses. So its not nothing. Using my nose around all other edges does not have any smoke smell while in use.

EDIT: I should add that Ive cleaned the cat using mfg directions, its not plugged and I swept the chimmey a few feeks ago top to bottom and have cleaned out the top of the stovex, nothing unusual noticed.

IMG_2575.jpg IMG_2578.jpg IMG_2581.jpg IMG_2576.jpg IMG_2577.jpg IMG_2469.jpg IMG_2471.jpg
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Seems like there may be different things happening here. The top is gasketed. Was it removed for cleaning? There may be a flaw in the gasket in that location or maybe a bit of crud got deposited in that location affecting the gasket seal? If you pull the top, look for a sooty trail around the top rim of the stove. This can point to an air leak there.

The ashpan door gasket may be leaking a little. It has a somewhat tricky fitment. One option is to run the stove all the time with a full ashpan and just shovel out the ashes. that build up in the firebox over the grate.
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I’ve never taken the top off, I also use the magnets over the holes of the ash pan holder. The door to the ash pan passes the dollar bill test. I’m lost on this. I certainly don’t want to be breathing unnecessary smoke even if it’s a tiny amount , also have two little kids and a wife, so this affects them. I’ll do what needs to be done.
Ok so I used a flashlight on the outside top left edge and a cell phone recording inside behind the CAT and I see the light a tiny amount. Here is the link and the light can be seen at the 13 sec and 23 sec. I should add that the main air control seems to knock the fire back quick so I think its a tight stove except for this.

My main question is why would this let smoke/fumes out rather than sucking in since the draft goes up!! AND my draft is very good. The CAT is very clean as well. No clogging issues as others have reported. Help!