Snowman saves the day...

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Minister of Fire
Feb 21, 2011
Had to shake my head at myself today. For starters I don’t use the ash pan in my ultra base, so to eliminate any possible drafts and maximize burn time years ago I put a 1/4” thick magnet up under the ash plug. Fast forward to today me and the little me are outside making a snowman, and I ask do you want to use some gravel, or real coal for it’s eyes, mouth and buttons? Real coal mini me replies, so I say I know just the place to get some. We take the snow shovel over to the ash pile and I start picking out some lumps of old coal when what do you think I come across?
The last time I emptied my ash cans over there was about 3 weeks ago. I guess if it weren’t for the magnet I would of realized a little bit sooner....


Photo of my pup examining what I unearthed...

Snowman saves the day...
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