So I walked into the Stihl yesterday and...

FrankMA Posted By FrankMA, Jan 31, 2013 at 10:35 AM

  1. FrankMA

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    ...walked out with an MS250, carrying case and a six pack of 2 stroke oil. I was debating between the 290 and the 250 but liked the power to weight ratio of the 250. I appreciate lighter weight equipment as I get older and it will be more than adequate for my requirements. Both these saws are on the endangered species list so I decided to move on this purchase sooner than later.

    I'll be processing log length wood this year as I will realize about a $150.00/cord cost savings vs. purchasing CSD as I have in the past. I finally have a reliable source for good hardwood logs (delivered) that typically run 10" - 18" diameter and are cut about 6' - 8' long. I'll be using the MS250 for bucking the logs and will be getting a 5 ton electric log splitter so I don't have to maul myself to death! I'd love a nice 16 ton electric H/V Ramsplitter or 20 ton gas powered H/V Iron & Oak but can't swing that type of $$$ at the present time. I'll also be building myself a sawbuck to make things a bit easier on my back.

    I generally go through about 4 cord/year so I'm going to try and process 8 - 10 cord this year. I'd like to be at least 1 - 2 years ahead if at all possible. I should have 2.5 - 3 cord left over after this burn season so I'll have a bit of a jumpstart on next years wood.

    Going through old and new threads proved very helpful. It's really great to have these resources available as a member here at To that I say "Thank You" to all who unknowingly helped me in my decision making process!
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    You won't regret that choice FrankMA, when I ultimately clean out the hoard of saws I have accululated, my "new" MS250C-BE will be one of the few that remain. Its put up in "storage" now while I work with some other used ones I have.

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