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Under the Trees

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Nov 1, 2022
I had my Jotul F400 stove installed yesterday and the technicians broke my stove. I told them to take the grill out and the removable doors when they moved my stove and cut the legs so I could install it in my hearth. They ONLY removed the main door. When they were bringing it back in from outside the ash door opened and they caught it but must have cracked the hinge on the actual door. At that time there didn't appear to be any damage and then he removed all three parts. The technician put them back on after setting it up the stove and there must have been a crack He then finished vacuuming and cleaning up the the area and the chimney that he had recently swept and must have taken the broke piece of the door in his shop vac.
Since I didn't have kindling ready and the paint on the pipe wasn't dry and probably the silicon as well, I decided not to burn the stove last evening and wait until today when I got home from work and grabbed some newspaper. I put a candle in it to start the draft while I went to get some wood and then opened the ash door to then close it to make sure it was secure and it just fell off and I saw that the top hinge was broken. I have been trying to get in touch with the company. This stove is out of production and even so, I am not sure if I could get a replacement door in the flat black finish. Well, I guess I won't be using the stove tonight. I am so upset. I hope that the professional installer makes this right.
That’s sucks. Hold them accountable. Parts still might be available.
Inspect the stove base part of the hinge to make sure it is not damaged too.
Parts most likely are still available. Contact a Jotul dealer in the area and provide them with the stove's serial number so that they can order the correct ash door.
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