St. Croix Prescott Auger Motor question

Bruins4877 Posted By Bruins4877, Oct 23, 2013 at 9:52 PM

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    Hello all...another year, another St. Croix question. Since consistently doing the LBT and installing the OAK last year I am happy to say I have had no burning issues all of heating season last year into this year. Last year I did notice that my auger motor was starting to get tired. The motor shaft was all loose so I ordered another one and just left the old one in til it died. It never did, just had the occasional clunking but still did the job.

    So I tore the stove apart this summer, replaced the auger motor along with the motor mount assembly as it was clearly worn. I did put the auger back in to make sure that the bushing up inside didn't need to be replaced as well. It spun very smoothly. Using dry graphite lube on both bushings, I put the new auger motor in. It is certainly running better now. However, I still hear the clunking. I've watched the auger motor and it appears that it is working correctly. The clunking is the actual motor dropping back down to the mounting plate. I know that it is designed to do this if the auger gets slightly jammed, but is there a reason why it would do it often? I don't remember my older Prescott doing this as often if at all. I have put a piece of foam on the bracket to dampen the clunk as the motor drops back down, but this is merely just to keep the wife from saying "Is that supposed to sound like that?" as I'm sure most of you have heard before, LOL.

    I'm certainly willing to check, doublecheck, and triple check anything and everything I have already done, but I come to the experts and ask for some advice. The info and knowledge base out on this forum is irreplaceable. I did in fact search for my specific problem but did not come up with the issue that I'm having.

    I am currently burning Fireside Ultras since it is not the "cold" time of year just need to take the chill off the night. I will probably be burning Oakies or Cubex. After last year, I may pass on the Cubex this year. Wasn't happy with them last year, lotsa clinkers.


    Thanks for any responses.
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