Winslow pi40 has loud clunk noise sporadically

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Brian Bo

May 25, 2013
Last year, I thought auger had to be replaced but found out the convection motor was issue from a tech who works on Lennox stoves. I do not remember exact issue but I believe the auger was loud but then it stopped working which led to convection motor replacement.

This year every so often I get a loud clunking noise.
I hear the auger spinning but every so often it is very loud which wife hates.
The loudest clunking noise is when the auger finishes its spin
I hear clunks when auger spinning but not nearly as loud as when it stops sporadically.
The clunking can last 1 to 20 minutes then stop.
Not sure if clunking is pellets, auger motor or something else?

The stove is 20 years old and runs great. The auger and motor have never been replaced.
I use tsc pellets and have for many years.
Any help is appreciated

Check that the set screw is tight on the coupler between the auger motor and the auger (see video). Also look at side of motor were it sets in bracket if you see wear marks from the bracket hitting the motor you might want to add a bead of high temp silicone to the edge of the bracket.

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