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Hillbilly Posted By Hillbilly, Jan 25, 2006 at 5:28 PM

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    Hi all.
    I have a question about extending a 6” dia. SS liner. Let me explain the history of my stove setup. We purchased this house in 1992. About 3 weeks before the closing date the seller had a chimney cleaning scheduled. He agreed to go ahead with the cleaning even though he would be in the house for just a few weeks. The sweep cleaned the chimney (8X8 clay liner) and found a small piece of the liner in the fireplace. The seller informed us and his insurance co. about the find. His insurance co said to have the chimney lined with SS., which he had the sweep do. Top cap, top block off plate, Homesaver 6” SS insulated down the chimney, bottom block off plate, 6” round from bottom plate to a rectangular cast iron boot with an oval vent opening. The reason for the rectangular cast iron boot is the Preway insert has a rectangular vent. The damper and smoke shelf has been removed and a outside access door through chimney wall was installed.

    His setup before the SS liner was a Preway insert in the fireplace without any type of direct connect. We did not like the Preway, so we purchased a Buck Model 51 stove/insert right after we moved in. The Buck has a 6” round vent out the top. We got lucky because the cast iron boot fit over the vent on the stove. This is my current setup.

    What I would like to do is replace the 6” round to oval section of the SS liner from the bottom plate to stove vent with just 6” round SS. The reason you ask, is so I can clean the chimney from the bottom. I am not as agile as I was 35 years ago therefore I don’t want to go up on the two story roof to clean the chimney, and I’m tired of paying $179.00 a pop for the sweep to do it.

    All of that said, my question is: What type of connection is at the bottom block plate? Does the plate have some type of a collar for the liner to slip over?
    Does the liner just slide through a hole in the plate and then couple to the oval section?
    Will try to post pics.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.



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  2. saichele

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    Without looking at it, it's hard to say, but in principle the 6" round should fit inside the lower block off plat, then the oval to round adaptor fits onto the end of the 6" round. If that's the case, it should be pretty straight forward to fit a small adaptor and another length of 6" round flex to hook up to the stove. the reason for the adaptor is that you can't hook two pieces of flex together. You need a peice that's female on the upside and male onthe downside to join the two.

    But you won;t know until you take it apart.

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