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    I need your opinion on liner size please. I have owned a house for the past five years which has a Cozy Comfort model 110 stove (manufacturer: Valley Comfort in Canada) which is about 20 years old. I recently discovered that the masonry chimney isn't even lined with flue tile so I want to install a stainless steel liner. The problem is this:The stove opening diameter is eight inches but the chimney flue will only accommodate a six inch diameter liner. My local stove shop says you can only go up or down from the stove opening size by one inch. In other words- I can't use a liner that will fit the chimney. Is this true? How small could I go and still have a high enough flow capability? The area of the draft opening is much smaller than the flue opening.


    Well- according to code- you should not even reduce at all..buts lets talk about safety and what works. The draft of any chimney is related to the width AND the height. For instance- a 30 foot 6 inch chimney probably will draft much better than a 12 foot 8 inch chimney. The number of turns (the less the better) will also affect it.OK- so lets talk about if 6" can handle the BTU load of the stove. A 6" chimney 20 feet high can handle well over 100-000 BTU/Hr- well more than any freestanding woodstove can put out. The larger flue sizes (8") are usually used because the stove has a large door opening. It takes a larger flue to keep smoke from rolling out when the stove door is open. Again- the height of the chimney can affect this too.So- altho I have not exactly told you what you should do- I've hope I've spelled out the considerations...
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