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Check out these previous discussions to help you better take control of your burning problems as they relate to draft problems, stove air restriction, needing to leave the door cracked, cool stove top, or you are simply new to burning.

When not to reload:


How to run a stove:

Overfiring information:

Here are a few related links in regards to seasoning firewood; what it means; peoples views of how to do it; etc:

Chimney Cleaning advice / creosote questions / tips / etc

Links related to "chimney sweeping logs"

Links related to stove top & chimney temperatures as well as temperature measuring devices

Threads regarding the topic of Chimney Lining

Rockford's guide on how to install in an existing chimney:

Starting a fire / Shoulder Season Firing

Cleaning Stove Glass

Excessive Coals Building Up in Stove

Secondary Burn

How secondary burning works:

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