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    This is a simple question. I have a home with central gas heating and a family room fireplace. I'm having trouble with starting a fire in the fireplace. I'll describe to you what I do. I put newspaper under the rack- some kindling on the rack and the wood on top of that. The kindling burns nicely but the wood only gets charred but doesn't burn. Could it be the wood or is it my procedure?? Thanks in advance.


    Assuming the wood is dry- here's the scoop:
    1. Set newspaper under and some on top of the grate
    2. Set the kindling --the key here is the more the merrier --lots of little stuff- criss cross it a bit
    3. Instead of full logs- place some in-between size stuff on top of the kindling
    4. Now place the bigger logs on top
    5. Place a balled up piece of paper up in the fireplace damper area -stuff it so it stays up there by itself and light it --this warms the chimney.
    6. Now light the newspaper This should do the job. If your wood is sizzling- that means it's wet or green (unseasoned) hope this helps BTW- you can buy some good "fatwood" or other fire starters that will eliminate the newspaper (and maybe the smaller kindling too)
    There is a link to an article on fire starting below.

    Link: How to start a wood fire
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