Starting pellet stove remotely.... St Croix Hastings

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Dec 1, 2015
Scotia, NY
I have 2 pellet stoves, one allows a thermostat to be hooked up. Which I have done and it works great on the thermostat.

I purchased a 2nd stove for my garage, it's an older St. Croix Hastings, the control board doesn't have a T-stat setting. You have to push the on/off button to start the stove. Im trying to find a way to start it remotely. I tried the Microbot Push, which is a little Gizmo that pushes the button (connects over WiFi) and technically works, but it's connectivity is spotty and it has a small rechargeable battery and doesn't last long in my cold garage.

Looking for any suggestions to start the stove remotely. Thanks!!


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That's awesome, I'll have to look into pricing that out. Thanks!

If anyone can think of a smart home type of option that might be cheaper than replacing the panel, let me know!! I'm going to email st Croix tonight on panel pricing
I see the board doesn't have the newer Smart-Stat, T-Stat, Manual switch but does stove have thermostat terminals on the lower right rear? If so you should be able to configure automatic thermostat operation with configuration of jumpers on control board. The manual describes how to do this.
You do not need to get a new board. You need to use the thermostat terminals on the control board (via the wiring harness) and you need to change a jumper on the board. This puts the stove in smartstat mode full time. After that, any millivolt wifi thermostat will turn ou on remotely. PS never touch the back of a control board while the stove is plugged in.