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    Could use some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time starting a thread on this forum. I’ll get straight to the point. We purchased a Grand Teton Gros Ventre October 16,2023 (we were on a budget). Out of the box the blower was shot. Then the smell (we did the 1-2hr burn off before installing in our home) was...
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    Venting for Pellet Stove

    I recently purchased a house that has a pellet stove vented through a basement window. The original run was ran up just a couple feet below the soffit and the wood was discolored from the heat. After doing some research I also found it was over the maximum recommended length for 3" pipe. My...
  3. W

    Pelpro stove motor turns and unplugs connections

    I have a Pelpro pp130 and it’s only a year old. Recently the motor for the auger has been turning and wraps the wires around the shaft of the motor, unplugging the connections that feed pellets. How can I stop this from happening to keep the stove running? Gonna be 5 degrees tomorrow night, and...
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    AcuTron II Control Help

    We have a pellet stove with the AcuTron II Control Board and I haven’t used us since the beginning of the year and had it serviced then, but now when I go to Start it, the only light that lights is the igniter. No other lights are flashing or showing. What does this mean? How would I fix this issue?
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    Propane and Pellet Stove

    I just bought a house. The house has pellet stove and propane forced hot air heat. I am trying to balance the two. Right now I have my propane heat set at 60 and run the pellet stove in the morning or night when the temperature dips. Does anyone have experience with supplementing propane or is...
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    Winslow PI40 Pellet Stove

    Hello everyone. Our pellet stove has been acting up since last fall after we had the stove serviced and cleaned. When we start the stove (typically level 3) the stove starts, pellets ignite, but about 10-15 minutes in an error shows. To further complicate matters, it usually switches between two...
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    Starting pellet stove remotely.... St Croix Hastings

    I have 2 pellet stoves, one allows a thermostat to be hooked up. Which I have done and it works great on the thermostat. I purchased a 2nd stove for my garage, it's an older St. Croix Hastings, the control board doesn't have a T-stat setting. You have to push the on/off button to start the...