Pelpro stove motor turns and unplugs connections

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Jan 21, 2023
I have a Pelpro pp130 and it’s only a year old. Recently the motor for the auger has been turning and wraps the wires around the shaft of the motor, unplugging the connections that feed pellets.
How can I stop this from happening to keep the stove running? Gonna be 5 degrees tomorrow night, and freezing to death was not in my weekend plans.
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Something has loosened up in there. Check to make sure all the fasteners are tight. Post a pic of the motor, please. Maybe another owner will know where the issue lies.
I would say some dust, crushed pellets, or moisture has caused an auger jam. Your going to need to pull the auger out and clean out the bore it sits inside of in addition to the auger itself. Fairly easy process, I believe the owners manual shows how to do it.
Do not know how your stove is layed out but by stove has a bracket bolted that stops the motor from rotating, the motor is free floating on my stove. So you have dropped a bolt or broke a bracket. you need to pull up a parts diagram and see how it mounts