Stihl ms260/ms260 Pro

Jags Posted By Jags, Nov 17, 2006 at 7:41 PM

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  1. Jags

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    Thanks for all the input guys. I have been taking a bead on the "used" market for the 260, because I do agree the $400+ price tag for the 260 was a little steep for the saw (In my mind anyways). I am pretty sure that I will stay with the stihl brand simply because there is no other dealers close by for me (several stihl dealers around, but no husky or others). I like the idea of having a dealerthat is 3 miles from where I cut my wood. I also have a bead on a barely used 310 as well as a 390. Both were purchased by people I know, but really have no use for such a saw. I was looking at the 260 because of the size, weight, power, but am not married to the idea. Keep it coming, love the input from other "users". :coolsmile:
  2. Wouldy12

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    Oct 10, 2006
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    I replaced my garage sale 30 year old craftsman (homelite copy) originally with an ms260 pro for the most part just to get the safety of the chain brake. I was hopeing for a saw that would blow the doors off my old craftsman and be a lot lighter and faster. The dealer steered me toward the 260 pro so that's what I bought. I used it once and found it seems to be the same weight and similar power. I couldn't believe this $500 saw wasn't much of an upgrade from my old craftsman. I exchanged it the next day for an ms361 pro. Huge difference, may more power, smoother and much faster. It is a couple pounds heavier which you can notice and $110 more expensive but well worth it. I believe the 260 is an older design. I wanted a saw that would last me a life time and I think I found it. Can't say enough good things about it, very well made and easy to statr. It also gets rave reviews over at arborsite. I kept my craftsman as a back up. Good luck.

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