Stihls chains

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Oct 18, 2011
Western PA
I have a 262 and have it set up for a 3/8 chain. It still cuts like a light sabre. I didn't want to run saws with different chains if I didn't have to.


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Dec 12, 2015
Long Island, NY
This thread has really got me thinking. We should implement a feature where your font size gets bigger every time you contribute something helpful but it gets smaller every time you engage in internet dick-waving. ;lol
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Nov 18, 2018
Downeast Maine
Look at both bars, the relevant chain information will be stamped.
You will find chain gauge: .050" .058" or .063"
Pitch: .325 in your case
length: in drive links, probably 60

Make sure both saw bars are the same gauge or you will have issues with your bar.


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Mar 10, 2015
SW Ohio
Look for new Light 04 bar from Stihl: Stihl .325 RS PRO chain + 04 Light and Light 04 bar
UK Stihl website. Who knows when (if ?) release set for US.​
for MS 261, MS 271 and MS 291
It's .325 pitch with .050 gauge. Something Stihl hadn't offered before.
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