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My status is still up in the air I have to fill out the right forms to get credit for presenting past seminars.
Everbody in the room knew I presented them. Your letters were brought up The feeling I got is they want to work out a way
to satisfy earn credits. Nnobody wants to can me. As Im walking out the door Deputy director Rob Anderson wants to talk to me about 2 possible Mechanical positions that may open up. Talk also was about the OWB situation and adopting EPA regs I told Rob that I am linning up a sponser to introduce the bill Senator, Brown Father of one of the recent American Idle constestants Ayla Brown.
The feeling I got is the board wants to review what I can present and award credits for seminars and other things I have done to further my education. I told them that many of my seminar examples or ideas came from forums. Mo they were impressed with your letter and all the others. Thanks. I also told them, I was able to pose situations to the forum members, discuss them and include them in my seminar. A motion was was excepted to table my status till next mounth's meeting where they can have all the additional info and make an informed decision. I think it went well.

Next: Tomorrow I have been called in to meet with the town Administrator and chairwoman of the board of selectman Along with my boss the comissioner. I have no idea what it is about and no one will tell me. I feel that it is eiither my status of reappointment from the state or my position is eliminated to the buget axe. Bad news has a way of appearing in bunches. At times I just wish, I would be left alone and allowed to do my job. All these meeting really cut into my work week. It is hard to exist waiting for the next shoe to drop. Then again it could be something positive who knows I will find out 2:00 pm tomorrow

Thanks all
good luck elk! i hope all goes as you wish.
We're all pulling for you.
crow said:
We're all pulling for you.

Thanks i appreciate your letter, it helped. forget survivor tv shows. I have learned how to stand on my own two feet

The meeting with the chair woman of the selectman involved petty politics. I still have no idea why I was called in but only
to witness her rant. Pretty Bizzare absolutely weird. I'm in shock still trying to figure it out. Like I need this. I did play golf decently tonight, so my universe might be returning back to normal
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